Why Is My Skin Scaly?

One of the most disturbing things to suddenly see on your arm is a patch of skin that looks like you have sprouted fish scales. While dry and rough-looking skin can be caused by a variety of circumstances, one of the most annoying that requires aggressive dermatological treatment is actinic keratosis. This disease creates rough, […]

How To Treat Eczema

Eczema is a skin rash that often affects kids. It can be particularly difficult to control and the urge to itch is almost unavoidable. The use of palliative salves and distractions like smartphones and kiddy shows can help, but the itch is almost always stronger than the solution. Some great home remedies for fighting the […]

Tight Hairstyles Increase Hair Loss

There are a wide variety of ways to style your hair. The choices often depend upon the type of hair you have and the risk of hair loss from excessive treatment. Pulling your hair into a ponytail, a bun, or braids is a common form of hair styling that helps keep your hair out of […]

4 Vitamins That Help Your Skin

Your skin can be pampered and nourished and treated from the outside, but there are several vitamins that are essential to the inside of your skin that you should be getting plenty of in your diet. The 4 vitamins that help your skin the most are: Vitamin A—This amazing nutrient is found in leafy greens, […]

How To Avoid Skin Conditions While Playing Sports

Participating in school or other athletic activities leaves you open to contracting skin and nail diseases and infections. These problems can be minimized by using mostly common sense ideas to avoid the spread of contaminants in the athletic environment. Sharing spaces with other sweaty, dirty people will increase the prevalence of bacteria and other microbes […]

Different Methods for Treating Age Spots

We all experience aging at different rates, and some people tend to have more skin spots than others as they get older. Skin spots are usually brown, black, or red. The spots tend to show up on the face, hands, arms, and shoulders which are areas that are most often exposed to the sun. While […]

Signs That You May Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer affects over three million people every year, and while some forms of skin cancer are benign, meaning they are not cancerous, other types are highly carcinogenic. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most aggressive forms of potentially deadly skin cancer. This carcinoma is caused by excessive ultraviolet light exposure from the sun […]

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Shaving off your hair all the time can become an annoying and even painful process that frequently results in red, irritated skin. Advances in hair removal technology have created an easier way to remove unwanted hair using a laser that causes minimal skin abrasion. How does laser hair removal work? Lasers are aimed at the […]

Dealing With Teenage Acne Problems

Obviously, the teenage years can be a very emotional and sensitive time for developing youngsters, and experiencing acne  often becomes a source of anxiety and stress for many young people. Acne is very common during puberty as the body goes through the necessary hormonal changes. In addition to seeing a dermatologist who can prescribe appropriate […]

Restful Sleep Heals Your Skin

Of course, it is not surprising that sleep is good for your health and makes you feel at your best, but it can also have major benefits for your skin. Some excellent ways in which sleep can help you to attain a healthier, clearer epidermis include the following: Decreases inflammation – When you get less […]