Great Ideas for Winter Nail Health

With winter weather already here and more fast approaching, it’s time to think about ways you can protect your skin, hair, and nails throughout the cold months. One of the often-neglected complications that arrives with winter weather is the dryness of the air that causes moisture to evaporate from your skin, hair, and nails. Taking […]

How Sleeping Helps Your Skin

Not only is sleeping beneficial for your general wellbeing, but getting a good night’s rest also has profound benefits for the health of your skin. Some excellent benefits that sleep provides to your skin include: Skin hydration– During the sleep cycle, liquids are restored to your skin. Inflammation reduction– Inflammatory proteins are more prevalent in […]

The Condition of Your Nails Shows Your Overall Health

Many of the health issues we confront over our lives often first show up as an adverse condition in our skin and nails. Potentially deadly diseases like lung and heart problems, as well as fungal infections and skin lesions, will always show indications that a trained dermatologist will be able to detect and correct, thus […]

4 Skin Problems Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes awareness is essential, and November is the time to spread the news since it is American Diabetes Month.  So this November — and every month — be sure to check your skin for any abnormalities that may be an indication or complication of diabetes. This disease often shows up first in your peripheral nervous […]

Dermatologists Treat a Wide Variety of Conditions

If you have any condition involving the skin, scalp, or nails, then your dermatologist is the one to see for the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment protocols. Your skin care and hair specialist is well versed in the detection and treatment of skin diseases, infections, lesions and cancerous tumors. Make an appointment today for the […]

Get Your Skin Tested To Avoid Surprises

Getting your skin tested by your dermatologist once or twice a year, even if you don’t notice anything particularly odd, is a great way to avoid surprises that can range from fungal infections to allergies and even cancerous lesions. Many skin conditions look alike and the only way to know for sure is to have […]

Dermatitis May Be Caused by Poor Blood Circulation

If you are experiencing any problems with your blood circulation then you may be more likely to encounter a skin condition called stasis dermatitis. Having poor blood circulation usually doesn’t affect you until you get older, but you should always be aware of how important your fluid flow is to your overall health. Stasis dermatitis […]

Why Is My Skin Scaly?

One of the most disturbing things to suddenly see on your arm is a patch of skin that looks like you have sprouted fish scales. While dry and rough-looking skin can be caused by a variety of circumstances, one of the most annoying that requires aggressive dermatological treatment is actinic keratosis. This disease creates rough, […]

How To Treat Eczema

Eczema is a skin rash that often affects kids. It can be particularly difficult to control and the urge to itch is almost unavoidable. The use of palliative salves and distractions like smartphones and kiddy shows can help, but the itch is almost always stronger than the solution. Some great home remedies for fighting the […]

Tight Hairstyles Increase Hair Loss

There are a wide variety of ways to style your hair. The choices often depend upon the type of hair you have and the risk of hair loss from excessive treatment. Pulling your hair into a ponytail, a bun, or braids is a common form of hair styling that helps keep your hair out of […]