Your Nails Can Tell A Story

Did you know that your finger and toenails are great indicators of major health problems in the body? Many major health complications that can afflict a person will show up as adverse signs in our nail conditions. Our nails can be windows into serious conditions such as anemia, kidney disease, lung and heart issues, and […]

What Is A Skin Tag?

A new growth on your body can be a little scary, even if it is something as harmless as a skin tag. Skin tags are an incredibly common benign skin growth that appear as tiny skin-colored growths. They often appear on parts of your body that have folds of skin, like the armpits, buttocks, eyelids, […]

What Does a Dermatologist Treat?

A lot of people know to turn to their dermatologist when they have a mole or skin growth that is suspect, but did you know that dermatologists see a whole array of other issues? Dermatologists work to treat problems of the skin, scalp, and nails. They treat everything from skin infections, skin diseases, bug bites, […]

How Diabetes Can Affect Your Skin

Diabetes is a disease that heavily affects the daily lives of people afflicted with it. Currently, there are over 100 million U.S. adults living with diabetes or prediabetes according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We often hear about the high levels of blood sugar and the more extreme physical issues that can […]

Helping Your Child Through Eczema

When your kid is dealing with a skin condition like eczema, it can be tough to watch them suffer through the itching and physical discomfort. You want to try to help, but you don’t always know how! If you have a kid with eczema, it’s important to know what to do when a flare-up occurs. […]

How Can I Combat Aging?

Aging is one of the most natural processes in life, but for some people, it can come with a whole new set of stressors. We all know that stress can actually accelerate some of the issues that come with aging, so we’re here to discuss some effective anti-aging treatments and prevention methods. The usual advice […]

Skin Care On a Budget

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and we all know healthy, glowing skin helps to make a great first impression when greeting anyone. Maintaining that glowing skin can take considerable care though and skincare products can often seem too expensive. If you’re someone who constantly sees celebrities touting their high-class skin-care regimens […]

Keep Your Skin Healthy At The Gym

With the sweltering summer sun beating down on us day in and day out, this time of year can be ideal to move your workout routine indoors to a gym. A good workout can be great for your skin, but public places like the gym can harbor all kinds of potential skin issues. Shared spaces […]

Why Is My Skin Turning Scaly?

It can be a stressful and disturbing experience to see something resembling reptile scales pop up on an area of your once-smooth skin. Are you turning into a fish? Did you wander onto the set of a sci-fi film shoot or spin into an episode of the Twilight Zone? While your brain can come up […]

Dealing With Teenage Acne

Do you remember how tough the teenage years were? Navigating not only rapidly changing emotions and mounting stress due to increased academic expectations, but also combatting anxiety-inducing bodily changes like acne! So stressful! Adolescence and puberty often bring about acne as a teen’s body goes through those standard hormonal changes. During that time, a skin […]