Try These At Home Facemask Treatments

Being stuck in the house doesn’t mean you have to skip your skincare or even some skin pampering! At-home facemasks and facials are great ways to give your skin a nice, healthy glow without breaking the bank (or even needing to go to the grocery store!). You can create a great facemask with ingredients that […]

Stress Can Damage Your Skin

With all of the uncertainty floating around the world right now, there are lots of reasons to feel stressed. Stress obviously affects your mental health in numerous ways. Did you know though, that stress can affect the health of your whole body, including your skin? Stress manifests in our bodies in interesting ways and can […]

Why Do My Products Have ‘Active’ vs. ‘Inactive’ Ingredients?

Why Do My Products Have Active Vs. Inactive Ingredients? It’s important to pay attention to what is inside your skincare products, but it can also be confusing. There’s a myriad of products on the shelf and the labels of those products are often chockfull of words that are impossible to understand, much less pronounce. Another […]

Can Hard Water Damage Your Skin?

Did you know that nearly 85% of homes in the United States have tap water that’s considered “hard water?” Hard water has a high mineral content, usually calcium or magnesium carbonates. While it’s typically safe to drink, hard water can lead to other issues like tub stains and high water bills. It can also impact […]

Types Of Burn Scars And How To Prevent Them

Types of Burn Scars and How to Prevent Them Getting a severe burn can be a painful, devastating experience. We see and treat all types of scars here at Old Bridge Dermatology, including scars from severe and minor burns. As with many scars and injuries, prevention can go a million miles in avoiding a lifelong […]

Top Reasons Men Lose Hair

For many, hair loss can be a devastating, embarrassing occurrence. It’s a common thing though; 85 percent of men experience hair loss by age 50. Your head actually sheds between 50 and 100 hairs daily, but the difference comes in whether your scalp is sprouting enough to replace those falling follicles.  What causes hair loss? […]

Six Ways To Beat Itchy Skin In The Winter

When the weather turns chilly, our patients often come in experiencing dry, itchy skin. Cold weather is an inevitable part of living here in New Jersey! You don’t need to fret though – Old Bridge Dermatology is here to help you work through your winter blues!  To avoid your skin drying out and getting the […]

How To Tackle Backne

Did you know that acne on your back is different than acne on your face? Back acne, or backne as it’s so lovingly referred to, can make it tough to sport a tank-top, backless dress, or bathing suit. Have no fear though, here at Old Bridge Dermatology, we’re equipped and ready to treat acne in […]

6 Tips For Gracefully Aging Skin

We are aging and there’s nothing we can do about it – best to just face the music! We can get all the extra rest in the world, use the mildest, best-for-our-skin products on the market, or drink enough water, but nothing we can do can stop time from progressing. So how can we keep […]

Unpleasant Scars And How To Treat Them

Scars might be glorified in tough-guy movies and television shows, but for the average person, they can be unpleasant and embarrassing. Even further, a scar can be a reminder of some physical or emotional trauma. Scars come in all shapes and sizes and can happen anywhere on the body. Luckily, there are ways to address […]