Top Reasons Men Lose Hair

For many, hair loss can be a devastating, embarrassing occurrence. It’s a common thing though; 85 percent of men experience hair loss by age 50. Your head actually sheds between 50 and 100 hairs daily, but the difference comes in whether your scalp is sprouting enough to replace those falling follicles.  What causes hair loss? […]

Good Food For Good Hair

We all know that food can affect our energy levels and our mood, but did you know it can also affect your hair? Some of the best ways to take care of your hair are right on your plate! Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to put the food in your hair, we’re […]

Tips For Healthy Hair In The Summer Heat

For some people, the hot summer months come with a slew of bad hair days. With some extra TLC though, your hair can keep its vibrancy even on a scorcher of a day. Too much sun exposure can leave your hair dried out and too much moisture in the air can make it frizzy. That’s […]

What To Eat For Healthy Hair

We all know that a good diet leads to a good body, higher energy, and even an elevated mood, but did you know that what you eat can also affect your hair? Healthy diet habits along with a solid hair-care routine can give you the healthy, glowing hair that you’ve always wanted. You can keep […]

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Losing your hair can be stressful enough to make you want to pull your hair out! When you notice it coming out, especially in large amounts, clogging shower drains or discovered on your pillow each morning. Typically, hair loss occurs in men more often than women (it’s even dubbed “male pattern baldness”), there are tons […]

5 Ways To Revitalize Winter Damaged Hair

Has the dry winter weather left your hair in a less-than-desirable state? Are you hiding your locks under hats or scarves? Or maybe you’ve just taken to not going out altogether? Cold, dry weather can leave hair damaged or create wild effects with unruly static electricity. It can be frustrating and daunting to try to […]

See Your Dermatologist To Treat Many Skin, Hair, and Nail Problems

Dermatologists treat a multitude of conditions that involve skin, hair, scalp, and nails, so that covers a pretty wide territory. Infections, lesions (that may be cancerous), and itchy skin outbreaks are all in a day’s work for your dermatologist. Some of the many conditions that dermatologists treat include the following: Hives—The formation of tiny pink […]

How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Wintertime

To avoid having your hair look like an unruly bird’s nest in the winter months, there are quite a wide variety of steps you can take to keep your hair from drying out. Some of them are just common sense tips, but they all help in the quest for lovely hair and help to prevent […]