Our Services

Dr. Juan G. Vaillant Dermatology provides the diagnosis and treatment of all disorders involving the skin and nails. Our staff believes in early diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent serious infections that could prevent you from living a healthy life. If you are experiencing any skin issues that are not normal, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Below are some of the most common medical and surgical conditions treated by our staff, however there are several more treatments that are not listed:

AcneDandruffNail Fungus
Actinic KeratosisEczemaPoison Ivy
Actinic Contact DermatitisHair Loss  Psoriasis
Age SpotsImpetigoSkin Cancer
Cold SoresMolluscumWarts

Special Services Include Skin Allergy Patch Testing


If you have any questions regarding diagnosis or treatment, please contact our staff at (732) 679-0222.