Common Conditions

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

Losing your hair can be stressful enough to make you want to pull your hair out! When you notice it coming out, especially in large amounts, clogging shower drains or discovered on your pillow each morning. Typically, hair loss occurs in men more often than women (it’s even dubbed “male pattern baldness”), there are tons […]

Vitamin D Is Essential For Your Skin

Even as winter wanes, New Jersey is still covered in cloudy spring skies, blocking out that life-giving sun and dampening our vitamin D intake! Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that can be in short order during the winter and early spring months. The vitamin not only keeps your skin young and vibrant; it also […]

Planting Our Foot On Plantar Wart Treatment

April is National Foot Health Month, and as dermatologists, one of the most common foot issues we encounter is plantar warts. Many people look at plantar warts as something that will just fade over time or “take care of themselves,” but these unsightly, often painful issues need a professional touch. Warts are never something to […]

How Does Stress Affect Our Skin?

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we here at Old Bridge Dermatology know how much stress can affect your overall body health, including the health of your skin. With all of the things we do every day: getting the kids to school, remembering every task at work, juggling the bank account, and so on and so […]

5 Tips To Reduce Acne Breakouts

Teens everywhere cringe at the thought of another pimple popping up on their forehead, but acne can pop up at any stage of life. Acne is an incredibly common dermatological condition. It is caused when dead skin cells clog up hair follicles. It’s a condition that often takes an experienced dermatologist to develop a proper […]

When Should I See My Dermatologist About Warts?

Sometimes when we notice a change in our body – even a growth like a wart – we tend to cover it up and hope it will take care of itself. We all lead remarkably busy lives, but it is necessary to get warts and other growths checked out. While many warts are harmless, some […]

5 Common Children’s Skin Issues

When you discover a rash, blister, or bump somewhere on your child’s body, it can be quite a disconcerting experience. If the skin issue had manifested on your own body, you might be able to confidently assess what might have caused it, or carefully describe your symptoms to a skilled dermatologist for proper diagnosis. However, […]

5 Ways To Revitalize Winter Damaged Hair

Has the dry winter weather left your hair in a less-than-desirable state? Are you hiding your locks under hats or scarves? Or maybe you’ve just taken to not going out altogether? Cold, dry weather can leave hair damaged or create wild effects with unruly static electricity. It can be frustrating and daunting to try to […]

Do You Have Itchy Skin With No Rash?

Itchy skin can be absolutely unbearable – especially when you can’t pinpoint the cause! There are countless reasons that your skin might itch – bug bites, poison ivy, chickenpox, allergies – the list goes on! Some causes are a little more subtle though. We put together a list of 5 common causes of itchy skin […]

Caring For Your Eczema During The Winter Season

The dry cold weather during winter in New Jersey can worsen already frustrating skin conditions. One of these skin conditions is eczema. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes dry, scaly, itchy skin. It’s especially common in children but can affect anyone. Eczema flare-ups can be caused by allergens, skin irritants, stress, and a […]