Skin Care

Poor Circulation Can Cause Dermatitis

A certain type of dermatitis called stasis dermatitis affects individuals with poor blood circulation. When your blood circulation is sub-optimal, it prevents blood from flowing sufficiently through your veins. This can cause the blood to accumulate in the legs. The result is often unsightly and painful and requires the help of your dermatologist to properly […]

How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated in the Wintertime

To avoid having your hair look like an unruly bird’s nest in the winter months, there are quite a wide variety of steps you can take to keep your hair from drying out. Some of them are just common sense tips, but they all help in the quest for lovely hair and help to prevent […]

How To Treat Your Skin Economically

Calling your skin an actual organ may be a bit of a stretch, so to speak, since your skin stretches across your whole body. But your skin does cover most of your exterior surface, so treating your skin correctly is essential to your overall health. Many natural and inexpensive skin care products are available at […]

How Sleeping Helps Your Skin

Not only is sleeping beneficial for your general wellbeing, but getting a good night’s rest also has profound benefits for the health of your skin. Some excellent benefits that sleep provides to your skin include: Skin hydration– During the sleep cycle, liquids are restored to your skin. Inflammation reduction– Inflammatory proteins are more prevalent in […]

4 Skin Problems Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes awareness is essential, and November is the time to spread the news since it is American Diabetes Month.  So this November — and every month — be sure to check your skin for any abnormalities that may be an indication or complication of diabetes. This disease often shows up first in your peripheral nervous […]

Get Your Skin Tested To Avoid Surprises

Getting your skin tested by your dermatologist once or twice a year, even if you don’t notice anything particularly odd, is a great way to avoid surprises that can range from fungal infections to allergies and even cancerous lesions. Many skin conditions look alike and the only way to know for sure is to have […]

Why Is My Skin Scaly?

One of the most disturbing things to suddenly see on your arm is a patch of skin that looks like you have sprouted fish scales. While dry and rough-looking skin can be caused by a variety of circumstances, one of the most annoying that requires aggressive dermatological treatment is actinic keratosis. This disease creates rough, […]

4 Vitamins That Help Your Skin

Your skin can be pampered and nourished and treated from the outside, but there are several vitamins that are essential to the inside of your skin that you should be getting plenty of in your diet. The 4 vitamins that help your skin the most are: Vitamin A—This amazing nutrient is found in leafy greens, […]

Different Methods for Treating Age Spots

We all experience aging at different rates, and some people tend to have more skin spots than others as they get older. Skin spots are usually brown, black, or red. The spots tend to show up on the face, hands, arms, and shoulders which are areas that are most often exposed to the sun. While […]

Signs That You May Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer affects over three million people every year, and while some forms of skin cancer are benign, meaning they are not cancerous, other types are highly carcinogenic. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most aggressive forms of potentially deadly skin cancer. This carcinoma is caused by excessive ultraviolet light exposure from the sun […]