Skin Care

How To Protect Your Skin at the Gym

When you decide to take up an athletic activity, the normal rate of exposure to germs is greatly increased, and there are many opportunities for skin conditions and infections to occur. Sweating, showering and changing in shared spaces, and the increased physical contact in many sports, are all things that can aggravate or spread dermatological […]

Minimizing Rosacea Outbreaks

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes a reddish discoloration and swelling reaction in the skin of the face, forehead and chin, but it may also affect other areas of the body.  Many people each year become afflicted, and former president Bill Clinton was known to suffer from this ailment. This condition can become chronic […]

How To Combat the Signs of Age

Aging is a normal part of life and a process we all obviously go through, but did you know that your body replaces millions and millions of dead cells with new cells every day? That’s your body at work and it needs good, healthy food to feed that cell regeneration process. But sometimes we need […]

Exercise Helps Your Skin

Exercise has great benefits for your whole body, but it also has fabulous benefits for your skin. Our skin tends to relinquish some of its vibrancy and to become more wrinkled as we age, but regular exercise can reverse these effects. How can exercise improve your skin health?  Exercising regularly helps to increase the circulation […]

Stress Causes Many Skin Problems

With the lack of jobs, incessant bills, and the difficult future we seem to be heading toward as a society, stress is an inevitable part of modern day life. It affects us in many deleterious ways. One of the most common examples that stress can have on your body is when it shows up on […]

Fun With Home Facials

So-called experts recommend that you get a pricey facial every month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your skin a perfectly fine facial in the comfort of your own home. By following these easy steps, you can enjoy a fantastic treatment at home that will leave your skin glowing and healthy. Steps to a […]

Your Skin Needs Vitamin D

One of the major causes of the winter blues is not getting enough vitamin D. This essential vitamin is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, and it is so much less plentiful this time of the year. It not only helps your skin maintain its youthful shine, but also helps to support your immune […]

5 Natural Dry Skin Treatments

Many store bought skin care products contain potentially harmful chemicals, but, fortunately, eliminating harsh chemicals from your skin care treatment can be easily accomplished with a variety of natural ingredients, many of which you may already have at home. Regularly moisturizing your skin the natural way helps hide fine lines and gives your skin a healthy […]

Skin Complications Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes causes high levels of blood sugar that result in damaging effects in every part of the body, including the skin. In fact, the skin is one of the first places that symptoms of diabetes first exhibit. Some of the common skin complications associated with diabetes include: Infections from fungi and bacteria—Diabetes causes a decreased […]

5 Face Washing Tips

Washing your face properly and regularly is one of the best ways to avoid skin problems and to help treat some of the skin conditions that develop before they become more pronounced. While washing your face can be a simple and effective process, avoiding some common mistakes can make a big difference in the health […]