Aging Skin

How Can I Combat Aging?

Aging is one of the most natural processes in life, but for some people, it can come with a whole new set of stressors. We all know that stress can actually accelerate some of the issues that come with aging, so we’re here to discuss some effective anti-aging treatments and prevention methods. The usual advice […]

4 Ways Exercise Can Help Your Skin

We’re finally shaking off winter and getting into some seriously sunny spring weather here in New Jersey – what a great time to start a new exercise routine! You often hear about how exercise benefits your heart, or your body, but did you know it’s also incredibly beneficial to your skin? For example, regular exercise […]

See Your Dermatologist To Treat Many Skin, Hair, and Nail Problems

Dermatologists treat a multitude of conditions that involve skin, hair, scalp, and nails, so that covers a pretty wide territory. Infections, lesions (that may be cancerous), and itchy skin outbreaks are all in a day’s work for your dermatologist. Some of the many conditions that dermatologists treat include the following: Hives—The formation of tiny pink […]

How To Treat Dry Skin Naturally

Moisturizing products for your skin are available in an endless array, but when you’re on a really low budget, like many of us are these days, buying skin and hair care products often becomes prohibitively expensive. But moisturizing your skin doesn’t have to be expensive when you use products that you probably already have around […]

How To Combat the Signs of Age

Aging is a normal part of life and a process we all obviously go through, but did you know that your body replaces millions and millions of dead cells with new cells every day? That’s your body at work and it needs good, healthy food to feed that cell regeneration process. But sometimes we need […]

Reversing Wrinkles

Slowing or even reversing the progression of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin is possible with the wide variety of anti-aging treatments that are available. The physical signs to the skin of aging can be rather pronounced and many people find solace in utilizing one or more of the following methods. Cosmetic surgery—For a […]

Sun Spots, Age Spots & Liver Spots

If you have been noticing small brown specks or spots on your skin and have been wondering if they are sun spots, age spots or liver spots, they are all different names for what is essentially the same thing. The reason they are often referred to as age spots is because they tend to occur […]

Beauty Sleep for Your Skin

It’s not surprising that sleep is good for your health and makes you feel better, but did you know it can have benefits for your skin too? Read about the ways in which sleep can help you achieve healthier, clearer skin! Reduce inflammation – People who get less than 6 hours of sleep have higher […]

Benefits of Exercise for Your Skin

It’s no surprise that exercise has many benefits for the body, but did you know it can help your skin health too? It’s natural for our skin to lose elasticity and vibrancy, and to gain wrinkles, but there is evidence for regular exercise to even reverse those effects of aging! Here are some ways exercise […]

Common Anti-aging Treatments

Aging is a part of life and a process we all go through, but for some people, it can be hard to witness the physical changes that occur to our bodies, especially when it comes to skin. Luckily for those people, there are a variety of anti-aging treatments and methods of prevention to slow or […]