Types Of Burn Scars And How To Prevent Them

Types of Burn Scars and How to Prevent Them

Getting a severe burn can be a painful, devastating experience. We see and treat all types of scars here at Old Bridge Dermatology, including scars from severe and minor burns. As with many scars and injuries, prevention can go a million miles in avoiding a lifelong painful issue.

Are There Different Kinds of Burn Scars?

Burn scars can be short- or long-term and can cause a painful pulling or an itching sensation. Or they might just leave you feeling insecure. There are three main types of burn scars:

  1. Hypertrophic scars: These burn scars are reddish-purple and can cause some serious itching. They’re often slightly raised and form due to a collagen imbalance in the area of the injury.
  2. Keloid Scars: These are shiny, irregularly shaped bumps on your skin that tend to change as you age. 
  3. Contracture scars: These typically tighten skin, muscles, and tendons. This happens when you damage or lose a large area of skin in a burn, decreasing your skin size and pulling it tighter.

Can Scars be Repaired?

Often scar repair will depend on the type of scar and severity of your burn. You will need to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to figure out the treatment method that is right for you. Burn scar treatment often consists of:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Cryosurgery
  • Corticosteroid treatments
  • Skin grafts
  • Tissue expansion
  • Laser Therapy

Prevention is Key

You can do your part in avoiding a burn by taking care at home. Follow some of these steps to avoid a light or serious burn scar.

  • Use thick hot pot gloves when using the oven, stove, grill, or microwave.
  • Remove trip hazards near hot appliances, fireplaces, or heaters.
  • Turn off hot pads before sleeping.
  • Watch kids carefully around hot areas, fires, or cooking surfaces.

If you have a burn scar that you’re tired of looking at, or if you’re dealing with any other skin, nail, or hair issues, call us today. Dr. Juan Vaillant has over 30 years of experience to help assess and treat any skin, nail, or hair problem that you are experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office, call us today at 732-679-0222.