Six Ways To Beat Itchy Skin In The Winter

When the weather turns chilly, our patients often come in experiencing dry, itchy skin. Cold weather is an inevitable part of living here in New Jersey! You don’t need to fret though – Old Bridge Dermatology is here to help you work through your winter blues! 

To avoid your skin drying out and getting the dreaded “winter itch,” follow these six simple tips!

  • Tip # 1 – Get a humidifier for your home and/or office. These machines can help make the air around you less dry, which is beneficial for your skin. If you don’t already have a humidifier, try placing a bowl of water on top of the radiator to increase humidity in the air.
  • Tip #2 – Keep your showers quick and warm. Hot showers are super tempting in the winter, but the heat and steam will dry out your skin and exacerbate your itching.
  • Tip #3 – Use mild soaps. Unscented, hypoallergenic soaps are better for your skin, while harsh soaps with lots of scents and chemicals can dry your skin out.
  • Tip #4 – Don’t overdo it with the soap. Only wash when and where you need it. Overusing soap can also dry your skin out.
  • Tip #5 – Dab dry. Leave your skin a little moist after the shower. Just use your towel to pat your body dry, instead of scrubbing all the water off after washing.
  • Tip #6 – Use Moisturizer. Moisturize your skin after every shower and before bedtime. Similar to soaps, make sure you avoid too many scents or chemicals. Pro-tip: try an ointment like Vaseline or Aquaphor. They can be greasy, but they’ll trap moisture well.

As with any skin issue, please check in with a dermatologist before beginning any brand-new skincare regimen. They can assess what might be causing itchy dry skin and diagnose any underlying issue that might be occurring.

If you are struggling with dry, itchy skin or are dealing with any other skin, nail, or hair issues, call us today. Dr. Juan Vaillant, our dermatologist here at Old Bridge Dermatology, has over 30 years of experience to help assess and treat any skin, nail, or hair problem that you are experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office, call us today at 732-679-0222.