Preventing Skin Issues For Athletes

Along with athletic activities can come a myriad of opportunities for skin issues, bacterial or fungal infections, or other issues to arise. With all the sweating, physical contact, and shared spaces that go with sports, these skin problems can spread rapidly. Many of our clients are athletes who have issues that could potentially be prevented by taking just a few extra steps.

It can take some work or extra steps to prevent problems such as athlete’s foot, folliculitis, or other bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, especially if it means changing your routine. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of things to do to better steer clear of these issues:

Athletes! Take these steps to prevent skin issues:

  • Wash hands thoroughly and frequently
  • Never share equipment or gear
  • Always wear sandals or shower shoes in public areas
  • Immediately clean and cover cuts, scrapes, or blisters
  • Always use only your own personal care products, like razors, shampoos, soaps, or nail clippers
  • Always use only your own towel and wash it as soon as possible
  • Shower after each game or practice
  • Wash your uniform or equipment after each game or practice
  • Get any rashes or skin conditions evaluated by a dermatologist ASAP
  • Check your skin daily for any issues, especially for high-contact sports.

Cuts, scrapes, and other injuries are commonplace during sports, and good hygiene can go a long way in preventing skin infections or other conditions stemming from these injuries. If you ever do notice a rash, a patch of abnormal skin, or any issue that is new to you, it’s important to get that checked out by a board-certified skin care professional. Proper diagnosis and treatment are key before getting you back on the field!

If you have noticed any changes in your skin, or if you are dealing with any other skin, hair, or nail issues it’s time to give us a call today. Here at Old Bridge Dermatology, our dermatologist, Dr. Juan Vaillant, can help you assess and treat any skin, nail, or hair problem that you are experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office, call us today at 732-679-0222.