Your Nails Can Tell A Story

Did you know that your finger and toenails are great indicators of major health problems in the body? Many major health complications that can afflict a person will show up as adverse signs in our nail conditions. Our nails can be windows into serious conditions such as anemia, kidney disease, lung and heart issues, and more.

What kinds of signs should I look for in my nails?

There are many nail issues that doctors routinely check for. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to check in with your dermatologist:

  • Brittle nails – if your nails are brittle or constantly seem to break, this could be a sign of normal aging, or it could be a vitamin deficiency or a sign of cancer.
  • Color change or yellowing – yellowed or “off-color” nails might indicate the presence of nail fungus, psoriasis, or smoking-related illnesses.
  • Dark stripes – while uncommon, dark stripes on the nail bed could point towards melanoma. Get this checked out immediately to rule out the possibility of a cancerous growth.
  • Clubbing – if your nails are bulging or curved, it could be an issue with your liver or kidney.
  • Pitting or indentations – Psoriasis can cause pits or dents in your nails along with a severe drying and scaling of your skin.
  • Concave nails – an iron deficiency can create spoon-shaped nails. This might also be caused by heart disease, thyroid issues, or lupus.

As with any skin, nail, or hair issue, it’s important that if you notice any abrupt or random changes, that you contact a skin-care professional for consultation. Typically, nail issues are nothing to worry about, but they could convey some serious underlying health issues, so get them checked as soon as possible. Some of these issues require specific testing for a complete diagnosis.

If you’ve noticed changes in your nails, or you’re dealing with any skin, nail, or hair issue, it’s time to give us a call! Here at Old Bridge Dermatology, our dermatologist, Dr. Juan Vaillant, can help you address any other skin, nail, or hair problem that you are experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office, call us today at 732-679-0222.