Getting Back To Your ABC’s To Detect Skin Cancer

Having a new mole or spot pop up on your body can be unsettling! Should I get it checked? Is it skin cancer? Luckily, if you catch skin cancer early, your chances of squashing it with minimal complications are much greater than if left alone. That’s why it’s important to know all about detection and prevention methods.  Detecting skin cancer signs early can literally save your life!

Here at Old Bridge Dermatology, we see all kinds of spots, moles, blemishes, and marks. We are skin care professionals, so we know what types of changes or patterns to look for. One of the deadliest types of cancer is melanoma, which can often present as a mole-like spot on the skin. That’s why we wanted to share the ABC’s of skin cancer detection. If any of the following signs appear with a mole or spot on your body, call us immediately:

The ABCDE’s of skin cancer detection:

  • Asymmetry: If a mole’s sides are different in shape or in color
  • Border: The mole’s border has notched or jagged edges, or isn’t easily defined
  • Color: If there are different shades of brown, black, or tan within one area
  • Diameter: If your mole is larger than 5mm in diameter
  • Evolving: If a mole changes size, shape, or color, or if it starts to itch, hurt, bleed, or ooze

Self-examinations are integral to catching these issues. And as with any skin-care issue, check in with a professional, board-certified dermatologist if you have any questions at all about a mole or spot on your skin. It’s better for your peace-of-mind to take the time to come into the office immediately, than to find out later down the line that you have skin cancer!

If any of the ABCDE’s listed above set off some alarm bells in your head, then you should definitely give us a call today! Our dermatologist, Dr. Juan Vaillant, has over 30 years of skin care experience diagnosing and treating dermatological issues. Call our conveniently located Old Bridge, NJ office today at (732) 679-0222 for an appointment.