All About Skin Tags

Skin tags are very common benign growths on the skin that look like tiny balloons on the end of a miniature stalk. They tend to appear on parts of the body that include folds of skin such as the eyelids, neck, groin, buttocks, armpits and under the breasts, but they can occur almost anywhere on the body.


Some of the names for skin tags that you may hear your dermatologist use include acrochordon, cutaneous papilloma, and soft fibroma. The exact cause of skin tags is not known, but it is thought that tags generally occur where the skin rubs against itself or on clothing.


Some other interesting facts about skin tags include:


  • Skin tags are possibly the most common growth on an adult’s skin.
  • Tags are generally harmless and don’t require treatment unless they become a bother, or need to be removed for cosmetic reasons.
  • They tend to get more common in middle age, increasing in frequency up until about age 60.
  • Hormone elevations in pregnancy may contribute to an increase in skin tag development.
  • Half or more of the world’s population will develop a skin tag at some point during their lives.
  • Skin tags can number one or a few or up to hundreds on one individual.
  • People who are severely overweight are more likely to develop skin tags.
  • Skin tags are typically 2-5 millimeters in diameter, but can reach the size of an olive or even be as big as a fig.


Treatments to remove skin tags include freezing, snipping, strangulating, and burning. These procedures should only be performed with the assistance of an experienced dermatologist.


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