Skin Care Tips for Holiday Travels

Whether you’re driving, taking a plane, bus, or train to see friends and family, traveling can be exhausting and take a toll on your skin. However, with the right preparation, you can help prevent skin problems and tired looking skin and arrive at your holiday destination with healthy skin!

  1. Skip the foundation – Planes in particular can be very drying, so use a moisturizer instead of a foundation, or use a primer as a protective layer before applying makeup.
  2. Moisturize, and moisturize some more – Dryness will most likely be your number one problem during traveling, so apply extra moisturizer the previous night and carry a compact moisturizer that you can reapply during your trip. There are mineral water face mists that can be refreshing and moisturizing as well.
  3. Blotting paper – If you tend to get oily skin, pack some blotting papers to take care of problem areas that can get exacerbated by dust and pollution.
  4. Use a gentle cleanser – Be sure to wash your face at regular intervals with a gentle cleanser to rid your face of built up oil, dust, and dead skin.
  5. Opt for a lip balm – A moisturizing lip balm will be a better option than a lipstick, which can become easily dry.
  6. Keep hands off of your face – During travel, you are touching many germ-filled surfaces, so keeping your hands off of your face will help protect your skin from bacteria.
  7. Take care of your hands – Repeated hand washing with harsh soaps can leave your skin dry, so be sure to pack a hand cream to apply frequently.

Traveling can expose your skin to a variety of harsh conditions, so if you notice any significant changes in your skin during travel, be sure to consult with an experienced board-certified dermatologist. A skin, hair, and nail specialist like Dr. Juan Vaillant of Old Bridge Dermatology has decades of experience to help you address whatever issue you may have, whether it’s a rash, infection, acne, dandruff, or hair loss. Call our Old Bridge, NJ office at (732) 679-0222 to schedule an appointment today!