How Athletes Can Prevent Skin Problems

When you are involved in an athletic activity, there are many opportunities for skin conditions and infections to occur. Sweating, shared spaces and physical contact are all things that can aggravate or spread skin problems. However, there are many ways to prevent problems like athlete’s foot, folliculitis, and other bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Immediately clean and protect cuts, scrapes, and blisters
  • Have any rashes or skin conditions be evaluated by a dermatologist
  • Protect your feet by wearing sandals in public showering areas or pools
  • Never share equipment or gear
  • Shower after every game or practice
  • Always use your own personal care products including razors, shampoos, and soaps
  • Always use your own towel and wash as soon as possible, including any sports bags or other athletic attire
  • Wash or disinfect protective gear, equipment, mats, or anything else that could harbor bacteria or germs after each use
  • Check skin daily especially for high contact sports

Cuts, scrapes, and other injuries are common during athletic activities so it is important to practice good hygiene and take these precautions seriously to prevent skin infections and other conditions. If you do notice a rash or patch of abnormal skin, seeing an experienced board-certified dermatologist is the most effective way of properly diagnosing and treating skin problems. Dr. Juan Vaillant of Old Bridge Dermatology has been treating patients in the Old Bridge, NJ area for over 30 years and he has treated all types of dermatological issues such as acne, eczema, skin cancer, dandruff, hair loss, and nail fungus. Whether you need to have a rash evaluated, or have questions about proper skin, hair, or nail care, Dr. Vaillant can help you! To schedule an appointment, please call (732) 679-0222 or contact us online.