Your Nails Know Your Health

Take a look at your finger and toe nails. Many of the health problems that affect us over the course of our lives actually may first show up as adverse signs in the condition of our nails. Serious health issues such as anemia, kidney disease, lung and heart problems can all show up

in the adverse health of your nails, so look out for the following signs and symptoms:


  • Breaking, brittle nails—Constantly breaking or brittle nails may just be a sign of normal aging or an underlying vitamin deficiency. It can also be a sign of cancer.
  • Clubbing—This nail condition is characterized by bulging and curved nails. It can be indicative of a liver or kidney ailment.
  • Concave nails—Spoon shaped nails may indicate an iron deficiency. This can be associated with heart disease, thyroid problems and lupus.
  • Yellowing—This may indicate the presence of nail fungus, psoriasis, or smoking related issues.
  • Dark stripes may be melanoma—While uncommon, dark stripes on the nail bed should be checked out by your dermatologist to rule out the possibility of a cancerous growth.
  • Pitting and indentations—This may be an indication of a chronic skin disease called psoriasis, which is characterized by a severe scaling and drying of the skin.


While most of the time these types of nail problems are nothing to be concerned about, sometimes the underlying problems they convey may require more specific testing and treatment by your skin care specialist to adequately address your issue.


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