Adult Rashes: When to Seek Treatment

We often hear about rashes in young children, such as diaper rashes and eczema, but you don’t hear as much about rashes in adults. Skin rashes can include many types of skin inflammation including bumps, sores, hives, itchy or burning skin. If you break an ankle, cut yourself, or get a concussion you would rush to the doctor, but do you know when to seek treatment for rashes? Here are signs to seek a medical professional:

  1. Rash appears suddenly and spreads – Sudden rashes can be in response to a food or medication allergy, which in some cases can quickly become a serious problem if untreated. If breathing becomes difficult, go to the emergency room or dial 911.
  2. A rash that spreads all over the body could be indicative of a bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction.
  3. The rash gets infected – When your skin is itchy, it is easy to scratch and cause infection. If you see yellow or greenish excretions, see a dermatologist for treatment to prevent further infection.
  4. A painful or burning rash could be a sign of shingles, which results from the reactivation of the chickenpox virus.
  5. Rash is accompanied by a fever – Fever and rashes are usually indicative of serious allergic reactions or infections, such as shingles, scarlet fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Toxic Shock Syndrome.

With so many different types of skin conditions or illnesses that could be causing your rash, it can be difficult to figure out the cause. That is why it is important to seek the medical help from an experienced, board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Juan Vaillant at Old Bridge Dermatology. Serving the Old Bridge area in New Jersey, Dr. Vaillant has over 30 years of experience and also specializes in anatomic and clinical pathology. Whether you develop a rash, or suffer from nail fungus, eczema, or skin cancer, Dr. Vaillant can diagnose and treat all of your skin, hair, and nail problems! To schedule an appointment, please call us at (732) 679-0222 and explore our website for a list of our services.