Helping Your Child Through Eczema

When your kid is dealing with a skin condition like eczema, it can be tough to watch them suffer through the itching and physical discomfort. You want to try to help, but you don’t always know how! If you have a kid with eczema, it’s important to know what to do when a flare-up occurs. There are tons of ointments and creams out there, but how do you know what actually works?

We put together a few great at home remedies that typically get solid results and can soothe an itchy eczema outbreak. Try some of these to combat itchy eczema:

  • Oatmeal bath – a lukewarm bath with colloidal oatmeal can really help soothe skin during an eczema outbreak. Soak for about 20 minutes, then towel dry and apply moisturizing lotion or ointment.
  • Regular warm bath – even soaking the skin in a nice warm bath will reduce itching. As with the oatmeal bath, don’t forget to apply a moisturizing lotion or ointment after towel drying.
  • Cold compresses – place a cold, damp towel on the area to relieve itchiness. Apply a moisturizer after you remove the towel.
  • Destressing – stress can be a huge factor in causing eczema outbreaks. Help your child through stressful situations to avoid these outbreaks worsening.
  • Have your child tap instead of scratch – scratching can really aggravate the skin, or even open up scabs and sores. Train your kid to tap or pinch the area, which will often satisfy the need to itch.
  • Distractions – keep your child occupied with other activities to keep them from scratching at a flare-up.

Obviously, if you’re dealing with eczema, the best person to help is an experienced dermatologist. Skincare professionals can help you determine the best treatment and prevention methods to avoid more eczema flare-ups.

If you’re searching for a great dermatologist to help with your child’s eczema, Dr. Juan Vaillant here at Old Bridge Dermatology is here for you. Our clinic can help address any skin, nail, or hair issue you or your child are experiencing. To schedule an appointment at our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office, call us today at 732-679-0222.