Tanning Beds Can Damage Your Skin

Tanned bodies are a staple of some peoples’ summers, but your skin care professionals might want you to reconsider! Frequently tanning your skin – whether naturally or in a tanning bed – actively damages your skin cells and could even lead to the most aggressive and deadly type of skin cancer, melanoma. One of the most dangerous types of tanning is through tanning beds. Of the 28 million people who tan in the United States annually, about 2.3 million of them are teens, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. While it might be giving those teens the appearance of a busy, sunny summer lifestyle on social media, it could be doing true damage to their skin.

Tanning beds are a surefire way to damage your skin and cause potential lifelong issues. We’ve put together some reasons on why you should steer clear of tanning beds:

Top reasons not to use a tanning bed:

  • Your skin will be radiating, not radiant: Tanning beds pump high levels of cancer-causing radiation directly into your skin. Your risk of melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma skyrockets with frequent tanning.
  • It won’t make you any younger: Tanning in a bed actually alters your skin’s DNA, which can increase aging effects and affect your skin’s elasticity.
  • You won’t be able to see the difference: Excessive amounts of ultraviolet radiation that tanning beds emit can cause vision issues.
  • It’s not as sunny as you think: Natural sunshine is full of vitamin D, but tanning beds do not increase your vitamin D levels. Pair some healthy daily sunshine (with sunscreen!) and a balanced diet for great Vitamin D levels.

Contact your dermatologist if you have been tanning and you notice any of the following changes:

  • A change in the size of a mole.
  • A change in color or texture of a mole.
  • Or a jagged or irregular border on a mole.

Before changing anything about your skincare routine, we recommend you talk to a board-certified podiatrist! If you have been tanning and notice any abnormalities or issues in your skin, please call us today! Here at Old Bridge Dermatology, our doctor, Dr. Juan Vaillant, has the expertise to address any skin, nails, or hair issues you might be experiencing. If you’re looking for a skilled dermatologist, call our convenient Old Bridge, NJ office today at 732-679-0222.