Do You Have Itchy Skin With No Rash?

Itchy skin can be absolutely unbearable – especially when you can’t pinpoint the cause! There are countless reasons that your skin might itch – bug bites, poison ivy, chickenpox, allergies – the list goes on! Some causes are a little more subtle though.

We put together a list of 5 common causes of itchy skin that don’t come with an easily-identifiable rash and some tips for relief.

Possible causes of itchy skin with no rash:

  1. Iron Deficiency/Anemia. Sometimes iron deficiency can cause severely itchy skin. The good news is that this common issue can be easily diagnosed with a quick blood test and once iron supplements are administered, the itch usually subsides quickly. Other signs that your diet lacks iron are exhaustion, paleness, shortness of breath, headaches, and hair loss.
  2. Anxiety and stress. Itchy skin can certainly cause stress, but did you know anxiety and stress can also cause itchiness? The negative effects of stress manifest in many ways. Sometimes it can trigger itching or amplify itching you already experience. Lowering your stress level will likely lower or alleviate your symptoms. Slow, deep breaths can help relieve stress itching.
  3. Dry Skin. Cold weather – which we’re no strangers to here in New Jersey – can dry out your skin and make it itch. Other dry skin conditions, such as eczema, can also come with severe itchiness. Eczema symptoms range from mild itching to severe blisters or even cracked skin. If you have dry skin, and especially if you have eczema symptoms, check in with your dermatologist for relief.
  4. Pregnancy. Itchy skin during pregnancy is incredibly common. Nearly 20% of pregnant women report an increase in itchy skin. Typically, itchiness increases around the abdomen and breasts as those areas naturally expand. Hormonal changes can also lead to dry skin – especially if the pregnant woman has a condition like eczema. Regular moisturizing and oatmeal baths can help with relief. Itchy rashes or itching on your palms or the soles of your feet could possibly point to something more serious, so check in with your doctor if you’re experiencing those.
  5. Thyroid Disease. If your thyroid is underactive, you might experience itching with no noticeable rash. Hypothyroidism sometimes causes dry skin, which can lead to itchiness and also create a “scaly” appearance. If you have itchiness coupled with unexplained weight loss or gain, cold or heat intolerance, heart palpitations, or muscle weakness, talk to your doctor to check for thyroid disease.

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