Signs That You May Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer affects over three million people every year, and while some forms of skin cancer are benign, meaning they are not cancerous, other types are highly carcinogenic. Basal cell carcinoma is one of the most aggressive forms of potentially deadly skin cancer. This carcinoma is caused by excessive ultraviolet light exposure from the sun or from excessive use of artificial tanning beds.

Parts of the body that are most susceptible to basal cell carcinoma are the face, neck, head, ears, and shoulder blades. If you have lightly pigmented skin and blue eyes, you are more likely to suffer from damage to your skin due to sun exposure. Skin cancer also runs in families, so if you know of a family member who has had skin cancer, you should be wary of any lesions that you notice since it is more likely that they may be cancerous.

Some early signs that you may have skin cancer include the following:

  • Lesions that don’t heal—If you notice any wounds or other bleeding anomalies that last for several weeks without getting better, you need to have it looked at. Clear, shiny or pearly white bumps are also possible cancerous growths. The coloration can vary, so have darker bumps also inspected by your dermatologist.
  • Abnormal skin color—If you notice a patch of red skin on your legs, arms, chest or face, and if it persists for days on end, have your dermatologist take a look.
  • Skin that appears to have a scar—If scarred skin appears where there was no previous wound, and if the area has uneven borders, it may be a sign of skin cancer.

If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment with your dermatologist right away for an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Juan Vaillant of Old Bridge Dermatology has been treating patients for hair, skin, and nail problems for over 30 years, and has the extensive background needed to help address a variety of dermatological issues. Dr. Vaillant has successfully treated acne, eczemadandruffhair loss, psoriasis, and nail fungus. If you are looking for an amiable, highly skilled dermatologist, call our office in Old Bridge, NJ at (732) 679-0222and make an appointment.