Kids Often Get These Skin Conditions

One of the most disturbing problems a parent can discover is a strange rash or bump on their child’s foot or ankle, causing them to wonder whether or not it needs to be evaluated by their trusted dermatologist.

Oftentimes children’s skin conditions will dissipate over time, but since many skin anomalies can mimic signs of cancerous lesions, it’s advisable to have the help of a dermatologist to identify and treat the problem to help prevent such occurrences.

Common Children’s Skin Problems

Here are some of the most common skin conditions seen in children:

  • Wartspainless benign growths caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. Warts usually resolve by themselves over time, but can be removed by a dermatologist if you need a quick result.
  • Dermatitis—Diaper dermatitis is the irritation of the skin, often as the result of inadequately changed dirty diapers or possibly due to a yeast infection.
  • EczemaAn itchy, red, scaly skin condition that often appears on the face. In older children it may appear on the creases of the elbows, thighs, and knees.
  • Heat rash—This results from blocked sweat glands and may cause small red bumps to appear. Cooling the skin can help dissipate the rash.
  • Cradle cap—This type of dermatitis causes crusty, oily yellow patches on the child’s scalp. It usually heals over time, but can be treated with mineral oil or medicated shampoos and soaps to speed things up.

If you suspect any of these skin problems, it is very important to see a dermatologist who can diagnose these conditions.  Dr. Juan VaillantofOld Bridge Dermatologyhas been treating patients for hair, skin, and nail problems for over 30 years, and has the extensive background needed to help address a variety of dermatological issues. Dr. Vaillant has successfully treatedacne,eczema,dandruff,hair loss,psoriasis, andnail fungus. If you are looking for an amiable, highly skilled dermatologist, call our office in Old Bridge, NJ at (732) 679-0222and make an appointment.