Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Your hair needs special care. There are many ways you can minimize the damage caused to your hair by the effects of excessive drying and nutrient depletion that often results from the frequent use of common hair care products.

Robust, healthy hair can be easier to sustain with the following methods:

  • Hair washing technique—When shampooing, try to avoid spreading the shampoo throughout your hair and just concentrate on rubbing it into your scalp. After shampooing, conditioner should be applied primarily to the tips of the hair.
  • Wash your hair depending upon the type—If your hair is very oily, you will need to wash more frequently than if you have dry, or chemically enhanced hair.
  • Air dry your hair—The heat from hair dryers, curlers, and straighteners can be very damaging. Let your hair air dry to avoid these complications.
  • Avoid too much brushing—The added stress of over brushing can damage your hair.
  • Protect your hair—Wear a swim cap in the pool to help keep chlorine and other chemicals from damaging your hair. Rinse your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the pool.
  • Spread apart your hair treatments—The chemicals that are used in perms, relaxers, and color applications can cause damage to your hair that can be minimized by spreading these treatments out over a few weeks.

If you are experiencing problems with your hair quality that you would like to address, Dr. Juan Vaillant of Old Bridge Dermatology has been treating patients for hair, skin, and nail problems for over 30 years, and has the extensive background needed to help address a variety of dermatological issues. Dr. Vaillant has successfully treated acne, eczema, dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis, and nail fungus. If you are looking for an amiable, highly skilled dermatologist, call our office in Old Bridge, NJ at (732) 679-0222 and make an appointment.