War On Warts

Warts are an unsightly skin condition that most of us would rather avoid. These fleshy bumps are caused by a virus and can easily spread, especially among children. The HPV (human papilloma virus) that causes warts frequently affects the face, hands and feet first, but will show up anywhere on the body, with warts possibly soon to follow.


Warts often contain little black dots in the center called seeds, that are actually tiny coagulated blood vessels. When warts appear on the bottom of the foot they are called plantar warts. These can be large and painful and may be hidden under a layer of thick skin requiring advanced removal methods best left to the expertise of your podiatrist.


Wart Removal Methods


Some common methods for removing warts include the following:


  • Salicylic acid—This is available in wart removal kits you can purchase at your pharmacy. Several applications of acid may be required, and warts may grow back.
  • Excising—The warts are cut off surgically.
  • Cryogenic removal—This is a common method of removing warts using liquid nitrogen to freeze them. This process may take several treatments to completely remove warts.
  • Laser removal and electrosurgery—An electric needle or laser may be used to burn away the warts gradually and relatively painlessly.
  • Peeling—Chemical acids are applied to large areas of warts which are than abraded with a rough emery board.
  • Immunotherapy—Since warts are caused by a virus, stimulating the patient’s immune system with shots can help the body to fight off the viral infection.


Seeing your dermatologist at the first sign of warts is excellent advice to help prevent them from spreading to other areas of your body or to someone else.


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