Different Skin Tests

Paying a visit to your dermatologist is frequently a routine experience where the specific skin condition is readily determined, but as often is the case, additional testing may be required for more complicated diagnoses. Skin tests used by dermatologists can be used to tell the difference between malignant and benign growths, to determine allergic reactions, and to identify bacterial and fungal infections as well as other diseases.


Some of the most common skin tests performed include:


  • Skin prick/injection test—Needles are utilized to scrape the skin and test for allergic reactions to allergens including mites, foods, dander, and pollen.
  • Patch tests—This method is used to check for skin allergies. Adhesive strips containing the allergens are applied to the skin and observations are conducted over time to see if there is any reaction.
  • Petri dish culture—The cause of an infection or rash can often be determined by doing a culture of the skin, hair or nails to observe any signs of fungi, bacteria, or viruses, at which point additional treatment options will be revealed.
  • Biopsy—This involves the removal of a piece of skin for further inspection under a microscope. The skin may be removed using a punch to reach deeper layers of tissue, a razor blade to shave off a thin piece, or a scalpel to cut out a wedge-shaped piece of skin.


If you are noticing any skin condition that is not healing normally or that looks unusual, it is best to have an experienced dermatologist have a look to rule out any potentially dreadful problems such as skin cancer.


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