Holy Moley!

Those with fair skin may notice more moles than others, but the range for even the low moles is still between 10 and 60. Moles are a very common highlight to the average person’s dermis. They are generally nothing to be concerned about, and amount to rarely more than an interesting discoloration in many cases. To tell the difference between moles it helps to understand their individual characteristics.


Moles can come in a variety of disguises. Here are three:


Congenital Moles—These are the ones you are born with, and they tend to grow in proportion to your body. Unfortunately, large skin moles have a tendency to develop into potentially deadly melanomas.


Acquired Moles—Just like the name implies, these are the moles that you form after you are born. They can appear in any location on your body, but unlike congenital moles, they rarely grow to over the size of a pea.


Non-typical moles—Abnormally shaped moles, or moles that are large in size, with poorly defined borders may be in need of further investigation by your foot specialist. Keep in mind that moles are direct precursor lesions that may lead to skin cancer.


Sometimes oddly shaped or discolored moles can be an early sign of skin cancer. Malignant melanoma is nothing to fool around with and is a frequently cited an unlikely cause of death for many unfortunate individuals. Skin cancer turns inward, and can mimic all sorts of other skin conditions so it is very important to enlist the help of a professional when you suspect that an odd looking anomaly on your skin may be something requiring further scrutiny.


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