Common Children’s Skin Conditions

It can be quite an unsettling experience to say the least when you discover that your child has an unusual rash, blister, or bump somewhere on his or her body. You may be confident in some circumstances diagnosing a skin condition yourself, but with the myriad of outcomes possible it is often best to enlist the eyes of a skilled dermatologist. Some of the common skin conditions that affect children are very obvious, but others can be harder to categorize. Take a look at the following list to see what you are up against:


  • Diaper rash—This one is pretty easy. An irritation of the skin that is most likely caused by not changing diapers frequently enough. It can lead to a yeast infection, so change diapers often.
  • Coxsackie disease—This viral disease can cause rashes on the hands and feet. It is also known as Hand-Foot-Mouth disease because the rash can spread to the throat causing painful sores. Ibuprofen can be used in moderation for pain, but the condition usually subsides in ten days or less.
  • Heat Rash—Blocked sweat glands are the cause of this disorder. The small red bumps you see may be reduced by keeping your child’s skin cool and dry.
  • Cradle cap—This one sounds pretty gross because it causes caps of yellow crusty patches to form on your infant’s scalp. Mineral oil and medicated shampoos are available to treat this malady.
  • Dreadful warts—Although painless, the unsightly appearance of warts on your darling child’s skin can be stigmatizing. A variety of wart removers are available at your local pharmacy, but for best results you should seek the aid of a skilled dermatologist.


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