Holiday Travel Skincare Kit

Are you getting ready to travel for the holidays? Packing is usually a tedious process when it comes to choosing your toiletries. You don’t have the space for all of your skincare products and make up when traveling, so what should you pack to make sure your skin can stay healthy and happy? The following essentials help to simplify your skincare routine during the busy holidays!

  1. Moisturizer – If you’re flying, you are especially going to want to hydrate with a moisturizer to prevent parched skin.
  2. Gentle cleanser – Using a mild cleanser will help prevent your skin from drying out or getting irritated in different climates.
  3. Hydration mist – A few spritzes onto your face can feel refreshing and hydrating during your travel. There are scented ones that can be even more relaxing.
  4. Lip balm – Protect your skin from the elements, whether it’s dry, cold air or intense UV rays!
  5. Sunscreen – Even if you are not going to the beach, you should still protect your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen with 30+ SPF. Don’t forget to apply some before boarding the plane as well, especially if you’re in a window seat!
  6. Makeup removing pads – An easy and quick way to ensure you are taking care of your skin even when you are too tired after traveling.

If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, look for products you normally use in travel sizes, and keep your skincare routine simple to help prevent unexpected breakouts during travel. If you have any concerns about your skin, hair, or nails, consult with a board-certified dermatologist before to best prepare.

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